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Security Products for Dogs

The safety of our canine companions is a priority for us and that is why we design safety leashes and collars for very useful and resistant dogs.

Quality and durable materials

At Oenk9 we use the best quality safety materials and closures. Some of our carabiners are used for climbing, demonstrating their reliability.

Our suppliers manufacture materials that meet all MILSPEC specifications that guarantee a long life of any of our dog safety items.


Designed to ensure your comfort and that of your dog

The leashes and collars of Oenk9 are perfect for medium and large-sized dogs. Our safety accessories for very safe dogs thanks to the cobra or ITW safety buckle. We have also incorporated a handle that facilitates control over your dog in a more comfortable way. Everything you find in this store has an authentic and original design.

Many of our designs are patented, most tactical style designs although we also have an Urban line. Your dog and you will wear a unique style!

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