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How was OENK9 born?

It all started thanks to our Husky Neo, that when he was a puppy, after a few pulls, the carabiner gave way and ended up breaking. He ran away, nothing happened, but we got scared, thinking about everything that could have happened.

We started looking for other options and seeing that there were no security accessories, a lot of variety, and that many people complained that they were breaking the closures, just as it happened to us, we decided to create Oenk9, with accessories and safer materials and attractions.

Our objective is your dog confort and security

Our products are created with high strength materials used by military around the world and also look great! With them, you will take your best friend, safe, comfortable and the most fashionable in the neighborhood.

In Oenk9 you will find safety locks, and more ergonomic products (collars with handle, leashes with double handle), with striking colors, and camouflage of original patterns and handmade details, with paracord 550 rope.


Suitable for dogs of Canine Units

All of our materials are made by official suppliers of different armies and they satisfy the MILSPEC rules -military specifications-. 

Collars and leashes with safety locks

You will not be afraid that for a pull, your dog will run or the lock wil break. Our closures are the safest that you will find in the market.

Finest desigh with a tactical and urban stile

This collars and leashes can be used only to go to a walk with your dog or even to train it, due the ease and comfort to hold and direct it.

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