As Adopta k9 partners, we would like to make this post, so that you know more about their work.

This Spanish non-profit association is dedicated to finding adoptive families for retired dogs, both from the Civil Guard, the Armed Forces, the Local Police, the Royal Guard, the Provincial Police of Navarra, Private Security companies and the National Police, especially.

Adopta k9, it is made up of a representative from each of the Security Forces, with delegations throughout Spain, and as we say it is created with the main objective of helping the Canine Units to find families for their retired working dogs, a family that continues to give them the care, affection and activity that their Guide has provided until then.

Action Protocol:

Interested families must fill out a questionnaire provided by Adopta k9.
Once the questionnaire is completed, a telephone interview will be conducted, and then a pre-adoptive visit will be made.
The pre-adoptive visit, carried out by a representative of Adopta k9, expert staff, aims to meet potential adopters, and check that the home and what is stated in the questionnaire, corresponds to their reality.
After the visit, Adopta k9, communicate to the dog guide all the information obtained, and the guide will have to give the approval. Being able to interview the family, either by phone or in person.

The definitive step is the delivery of the dog, being present the canine guide and representatives of Adopta k9.

They will also be offered a canine guide, which will accompany the adopters in the first months, helping them to better understand the dog.

Every person who adopts a dog through Adopta k9, must sign an adoption contract, with a series of legal obligations, so that the dog is in the best conditions. Just as they will have a phone available 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, for possible questions or problems that may arise.

So if you consider yourself suitable for one of these retired puppies, do not hesitate to contact them.

You can also help them by becoming a teamer with one euro a month.
Together we can do a lot.

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