A police friend of the k9 police told us that he works with Dutch Sheperd.

And since the majority of k9 are malinois, we have thought to tell you a little about this breed of dog, not so well known Dutch Sheperd

The Dutch Shepherd comes from an old breed of European Shepherd Dogs, which have differentiated themselves over the years.

The Dutch Shepherd’s color is generally brindle.

It is very similar to German Shepherds or Belgian Shepherds, because they share a close ancestor and only separated a little more than a century ago.

From 1830 the Dutch Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd began to differ, due to the territorial separation between the Netherlands and Belgium.

All European shepherds performed herding and field surveillance functions.

In 1960 it was when the International Cynological Federation (FCI) recognized it as a breed, making it a little-known dog today. With the exception of Holland, where many are found.

It is a loving, obedient and faithful dog. So it can be an excellent pet, considering that it needs a lot of exercise.

He is very loyal, so he can be an excellent guardian, always alert to his surroundings.

Likewise, the Dutch Shepherd is an SUV, intelligent and highly trainable, and the security forces of many countries use them as police and military dogs.

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