That collar that you have always wanted for your dog, that high quality, original, more ergonomic collar with a safety buckle and also manufactured with the utmost care and detail.

This is the Oenk9 dog products

This is the Oenk9 star collar:

A high quality, original, ergonomic collar

What is so special about this dog collar? What characteristics does it have?

  • It is made with double polyamide tape, of the highest quality (with a resistance of more than 1,000 kgs.)
  • Sewn with a very resistant thread, made of multifilament polyester, taking care that the color of the thread is the one that best matches each color of the tape, whether it is camouflage or plain.
  • Strengthening those areas of the collar where greater pressure will be exerted.
  • With a handle (padded), so you can easily grab him, without strangling him.


And of course, the king of security locks


Of the Australpin company the original (do not be fooled by the copies, since there are several models and their resistance and reliability leave much to be desired).

Buckle that holds 1,800 kgs, with a very easy to open and close mechanism.

We combine the color of the collar with the color of the buckle, both in camouflage and plain colors.

Therefore, we give special care to design.

What to say about the Austrianpin Cobra Closure, a closure used by Special Forces from countless countries (JSOC, SAS, KSK, …) and seen in series such as: SEAL TEAM or SWAT or actors like The Rock or Scarlett Johansson

The best that you will find in buckles: light, robust and easy to use.


This star collar, from the Oenk9 collection, you will find it, with a v-ring or d-ring:

* The v-ring ring is made of steel alloy, (PS22020 that holds 1,100 kgs.), Painted with powder paint (epoxy paint), which makes it a durable and resistant paint.

It is a very robust ring, with which you will make sure that it will never break.

Perfect ring to combine it with our tactical leash with frog carabiner (which we will talk about in another post – stay tuned !!!)

* The d-ring is metal, in chrome color, with a diameter of 25mm, it is also resistant, it is not as robust as the v-ring ring, but it will not break easily either.

If your dog is medium / large, and you want to be calm knowing that it will not break, (and how handsome it will be) do not hesitate, take a look !!!

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