In today’s Post we want you to meet one of our partners: Good Guys in Bad Lands

We were attending a Fair that we usually attend every year, and we were looking at materials, taking catalogs, chatting with people, and suddenly, we saw some flyers that caught our attention, a skull stared at us, its design caught us and the name; Good Guys in Bad Lands. But who were they?

Good Guys in Bad Lands was born in 2012 on Facebook. Its creator is a soldier who returned from an unfortunate mission, in which he lost a partner, and another was seriously wounded during a shooting, with the insurgents in Balamorghab (Afghanistan). Then one of the first fan pages dedicated to the memory of all fallen soldiers is created “Good Guys in Bad Lands.

After the success in Italy, Good Guys in Bad Lands, is developing international projects, to support military units. With excellent relationships throughout the world, with military associations and working together to promote and spread new initiatives.

The main project, is charity, aims to offer products that the partners decide to donate and are sold, in order to raise money, for the families of soldiers or policemen who died in the act of service, patients with post-traumatic stress syndrome after return from war zone.

We found their project very interesting and we wanted to contribute our grain of sand, so we contacted them and studied the possibility of collaborating with them.

Today, we are not only partners and friends, we are a family, a brotherhood, to which we are proud to belong.

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