Pablo is a trainer who lives in Barañain (Navarra), with his malinois Jare.

In this confinement he has helped us to get on better with our furry ones, with techniques and games to make this confinement more enjoyable.

We want to get to know you a little better and we would like to know how and why you started in the world of training, and of course, tell us about Jare, who is the most important in this story.

When did you start training and why and how did you get into this world?

My start in this world was in 2017, I had been thinking about it for a long time, but I did not finish deciding, I have always lived in environments where there were dogs and I loved them, much of the fault was Gau, my previous dog, a tricolor Rough Collie , which I met with only 15 days.

Besides, I was very struck by having the ability to treat problem dogs and to improve their lives and that of their owners, so I looked for a place to train, having the luck to work there for three years afterwards.

How do you think people are handling confinement with their dogs? What do they tell you? 

In general terms, there are not too many problems, things always arise to correct for the change in the day to day, since any change in the routines of dogs causes stress, and this in turn, can cause behavioral problems if you do not know channel in the proper way.

Hence the initiative that I launched from my social networks, to propose different exercises and guidelines as a patch to this situation.

People ask me about very different topics these days, from how to perform a specific exercise to guidelines to correct some type of inappropriate behavior derived from the age of your dog or from this situation of confinement in our homes, although not in all cases it is It is possible to give this help at a distance and without having all the information about the life and circumstances of each specific dog. After all, therapies to solve problems are more complex than it may seem at first glance.

How is life with Jare? How old are you? What would you highlight about him?

Life with Jare is very entertaining, it could not be otherwise being a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, he is 3 years old and has a fairly high need for physical and mental exercise, although after this time with him, I have been able to greatly enhance his mental stability, so you know perfectly what are the moments of calm and which are the highest activity.

I could highlight him above all, his intelligence and his eternal desire to play, he is always ready for it.

We train and learn together every day, as this is a very important part of your emotional stability.

Have you had more dogs?

Before Jare, Gau, the dog responsible for her being in this dog world, was already at home, she was a Rough Collie that we met the whole family when she was only 15 days old and that we loved from the first moment.

He had a very calm and friendly character, and amazing mental stability. She was the best teacher that Jare could have as a puppy to learn how to behave at home. We were lucky that she could reach 13 years old, she was my first student with some exercises adapted to her age, they can always learn new exercises within their physical possibilities.

What would you say, what advice would you give to people who want to have a malinois?

I would advise that they think about it a lot, it is not an easy dog precisely, they need a fairly large amount of physical and mental work throughout their lives, so they must be willing to invest all the necessary time in their education and maintenance of your mental stability.

From my point of view, with a breed of these characteristics, it is essential that we be guided by a good canine behaviorist to be able to channel all that energy that can overwhelm them and that innate desire to bite anything. You have to have an immense amount of patience and you have to know and want to understand them, otherwise it can give you a lot of headaches.

A question that many people ask when buying accessories: necklace or harness?

In my case I use the two elements, differentiating their use depending on the activity I am going to do.

To walk with my dog in crowded areas I prefer to wear a collar to convey to my dog that it is a time when we will not have a high activity, always taking into account that he does not have any type of health problem located in that body area. I also find it very comfortable that they have a handle to hold it more easily if necessary.

To train exercises on the move or play on the street instead, I use a harness so that in the event of having to brake it, that braking force is distributed through the front third of the dog and prevent any problem derived from that franada. As for the harnesses there are several types, the most kind with the natural movement of the dog is the “Y” type harness since it allows more free movement of the front legs (La fuente, Provis, Schmalz, 2018). We recommend the use of padding on the fastening straps for more comfort. It is also important to take into account the type of dog and the function that we are going to give to that harness since there are also special harnesses for sports modalities such as drag or others for guide dogs, for example. * Lafuente, Provis, Schmalz (2018). “Effects of restrictive and non-restrictive harnesses on shoulder extension in dogs at walk and trot” .Vetreinary Record. doi: 10.1136 / vr.104946

What were you looking for when you found Oenk9?

At that time I was looking for a necklace “for life” that was very difficult to fail, I wanted a comfortable and safe collar, I have always liked to know well the best materials that are available in the market. After using the collar with “cobra” buckle, I was very satisfied and when I saw that the harness fulfilled the characteristics that I had investigated that they were the most kind with dogs, I decided to also get it.

Why did you buy Oenk9 products? What caught your attention to decide?

I got hold of them because the specifications of the materials seemed very good to me, I had never seen them until then and I wanted to test if they gave me good results, I also saw that Oenk9 was a company close to my place of residence and that the references of the people who used those materials were good, so that was another point in my opinion.

And now, after using them for a while, what opinion do you deserve?

The truth is that I have not had a single problem with these materials, I use them daily and they continue to convey absolute confidence. The width of the collar strap seems very comfortable for my dog, since it distributes more pressure that it can exert from the leash and the harness seems very comfortable and respectful to its body, that study that I quote in one of the previous questions corroborates my idea, it always seems important to me to confirm my ideas with scientific studies.

All those who want to learn with him and follow him can follow him on instagram (@pabloyjare)

Pablo has been a pleasure to have been able to make this post with you.

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